Adding logged items - e.g. landings or starts.

A logged item is an additional line item for tracking maintenance e.g starts, landings, or hoist cycles.
For both of the methods below it's very important to determine if the logged item is an airframe (colour blue, e.g landings) or an engine (colour brown, e.g starts) related logged item.

Adding Logged Items

Method One

Adding a logged item during aircraft setup
In this example we will add the logged item "landings" while adding an aircraft to FlightCert

  1. Select Add new aircraft
  2. Fill out the airframe details
  3. Under the logged items box, click add another
  4. In the logged item column enter the name, e.g. "landings"
  5. In the abbreviation column enter a short-form label or unit, e.g. "ldg"
  6. In the Total time in service column enter the current total landings
  7. Click save
  8. Proceed and Complete the remaining steps. You can add engine logged items in the same way while creating engines on new aircraft.

Following adding landings as a logged item, a line item labeled Landings is now present on components and inspections.

Adding Logged Items

Method Two

How to add an additional logged item post aircraft setup.
In this example we will add the logged item "starts" to an engine on an existing aircraft.

  1. Go to Manage Aircraft
  2. Go to the Engine tab
  3. Click the "+" to expand the engine details
  4. Click add another on the logged item box
  5. Enter the name and abbreviation of the logged item
  6. Click save

You will notice the logged item you just entered will now be displayed on the dashboard. To update the total time of the logged item:

  1. Click edit totals
  2. Enter the current total of your logged item
  3. Click save

After adding a logged item, a box will show in the Flight Log page, for pilots to be able to record cycles.

If you want to hide this box (e.g. to prevent pilots from filling out this cycle after flights):

  1. Go to Manage Aircraft
  2. Go to the Airframe or Engine tab
  3. Click the "+" to expand the airframe or engine details
  4. In the Logged Items box, click the visibility icon next to your logged item
  5. Click save

Important: Deleting logged items will remove all inspections, components, and custom cycle calculations using that logged item.

If you would like to add a formula or calculator to a logged item, please contact us.