Accessing your Organisation

Flightcert provides tiered access based on individual logins that are adminitered by the Organisation's administrator (the original subscriber). As the administrator, you can invite new or existing users to its organisation - there are no limits or charges for the number of users you can invite to your organisation. You can also change a user's role or delete a user from your organisation if their responsibilities for your business change.

Keep reading for more information, and instructions.

Manage user account access to aircraft by role

User roles and permissions for selected aircraft

  • View Only - The view only user role provides view access to an aircraft without the ability to change data
  • Pilot - The pilot user role allows pilots to add/modify flight times and defects to an aircraft. The remaining access is view only.
  • Engineer - The engineer user role provides full access with the ability to add and modify aircraft data. No organisation data is accessible - these users cannot add or view users in an organisation, and cannot modify worksheets.

No one has access to any organisation's data unless given by the account administrator

Adding a new user to your organisation

  1. Click "Your Info" from the top blue banner
  2. Click your Organisation's name
  3. Click "User Access"
  4. Click "Add New User"
    1. If the individual has never used Flightcert you will need to create a username, temporary password, and enter their full name and email address.
    2. If the individual is already a Flightcert user (i.e., if they have a username from another organisation already) just enter their name, username and email address.
  5. Select the desired roles for the user
  6. Click save - the user will be able to log in and view the data to which you've given access.