Flightcert is supported by the latest security protocols and processes ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

From who’s logging in, to what changes are being made, Flightcert provides the tools to help identify mistakes or un wanted activity.

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How flightcerts password encryption prevents unauthorised access

Your information is converted into unrecognised code using industry standard data encryption – the same level of communication encryption provided by banking websites.
This protects your personal and aircraft data securely – and you control who has access.

Where is my data held?

Data is securely hosted in data centres with biometric authorised – only access, secure physical buildings, individually locked server cabinets, and 24/7 camera motoring.
Security experts monitor software security bulletins so that security warnings are dealt with as soon as information becomes available.


All software is secured in a Unix environment with industry-standard best practice.
Your data is backed up off-site every night so that immediate recovery is possible in case of electrical failures or natural disasters.

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